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Tile plaster "Boston classik" angular

Tile plaster "Boston classik" angular
  • Tile plaster "Boston classik" angular
  • Tile plaster "Boston classik" angular
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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

The plaster tile "Boston classic" - will bring Middle Ages notes in your interior. The tile is executed in "brick of manual molding" style with a rough surface and uneven corners.

"Boston classic" is a decorative plaster tile of white color. It gives in to painting therefore you can realize all the, even courageous, ideas. You can change a tile color by means of aqueous emulsion ink.

For effective registration of direct elements of your interior (for example, walls) use a plaster plate "Boston classic" (straight line)

The tile plaster decorative is also intended for internal facing of walls of individual structures, office and public buildings. The tile is made with various superficial relief imitating the invoice of a brick

Also in our assortment other types of a tile imitating the invoice of a natural stone such as are presented: Boston premium, Country of classic, premium Country, Loft of classic

  • Country producer: Ukraine
  • Producer: Software "ART Decor"
  • Manufacturing plant: own production
  • Tile type: the tile is wall
parameter straight line angular
Packing 0,7 sq.m 1,9 m / p
Quantity in packing 70 pieces. 34 pieces
It is long tiles 185 mm 185 mm
Tile width 56 mm  
Tile thickness 9 mm 9 mm
Packing weight 7 kg. 5,2 kg.
It is long packings 520 mm 520 mm
Packing width 212 mm 212 mm
Packing thickness 200 mm 200 mm
Number of packings on a pallet: 72 unitary enterprise. 72 unitary enterprise.


All production is certified and answers the increased hygienic norms, provided for this type of production.

According to state standard specification B B.2.7-111.2001

The tile plaster is produced manually on the basis of environmentally friendly materials and natural minerals. It is intended for internal facing of walls of individual structures, office and public buildings.

Meets the raised sanitary and hygienic requirements and treats group of fireproof materials. The tile is made with various superficial relief and the sizes imitating the invoice of a bricklaying (a natural stone) with elements of a color decor.

The tile is the natural regulator of humidity of air indoors, does not create a radioactive background, maintains high temperatures, ensuring fire safety indoors, and also creates excellent sound insulation.


The tile easily gives in to processing. Sawing (if it is necessary) is made by a wood saw with small tooth. For sawing under the set corner it is possible to use a template for cutting. If necessary, edges of a tile can be brought to the necessary size by means of a plane for gypsum cardboard.

Plaster tile several times easier natural stone therefore there is no need to strengthen walls special iron fittings that considerably reduces both expenses, and operating time.

It is necessary to apply soil on an acrylic basis on the surface which is subject to facing.

It is necessary to remember that the plaster tile needs to be stacked by means of glue, solution, dry mixes which part plaster is ("Perlfiks" (Knauf), "Satengips", etc.)

Different parties of a tile can slightly will cause a stir in a color shade. For this purpose, that the laying looked naturally, we recommend to use at installation a tile at the same time from several packings.

Storage conditions:

  • To store in the dry room
  • Humidity is not higher than 60%
  • Period of storage: unlimited.
  • Maintains temperature to 70o With
  • to varnish: at desire (but if hostile environment, it is obligatory)


  • Cash
  • Cash on delivery
  • Advance payment on the card Privat Banka or on the settlement account.


  • Shipment at own expense (Kiev Region, Bila Tserkva district, village of Shkarovka, Mira St. 1A)
  • Delivery by mail (across Ukraine)
    • New mail
    • Deliveri
    • Ying Time
  • Carrier (dozagruz), if order from above 6th pallet
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 01.08.2019
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